Making Your Own Vape Juice


Making Your Own Vape Juice

For those that are just getting into vaping or even for those that have for a while but are just now getting interested in making their own juice it is important to know very key things in order to have a basis of how to make it so it comes out correctly, and so one can be safe while making the juice.

For all e-liquids there are common ingredients that you will need diluted nicotine (unless you do nicotine free), a liquid used to dilute the nicotine and flavoring: either vegetable glycerin or propylene glycerol, and of course flavoring which in the beginning it is recommended that you buy flavorings that are made for e-liquids before you go and make your own.

While those are the ingredients you will need supplies in order to put the juice together which are bottles, containers, syringes, and gloves. In the steps of making the e-juice you will first want to determine the about of nicotine you need and after that pull it out with a syringe but be careful as putting too much or too little could mess up the juice and not give the desired effects.

Also keep in mind that the nicotine does a flavor of its own so the higher the nicotine the more it could affect the flavoring. Next you will want to add the desire flavor to the bottle, and last you need the liquid to dilute the whole thing. When using flavors for e- juice it is recommended that the dilution be around ten percent.

But if you are making your own flavoring the dilution should be around twenty to thirty percent of the whole thing. After this you are basically done but you need to cap the bottle and shake the life out of it in order for it to mix properly. Click on how to make your own vape juice for more details.


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